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Pre-fabricated factories for brick elements

Our know-how - your benefits

Completion of the structural work in just three days!

Building the bare brickwork of an entire building in three days: our daily routine – for others impossible.

Such a quick completion is made possible by our unique brick wall component system for single and multiple family dwellings for up to 10 floors. We prefabricate each wall section, with a maximum length of 6 m, individually according to your plans. Along with the brick ceiling elements, the walls are delivered to the construction site in a pre-dried state; they already contain all sanitary and electrical installations and are fitted with felt-board treated lime-cement plaster. As a result, these fully equipped walls can be assembled on the construction site in a highly time-saving manner. The result is a high-end, on schedule finished building shell that offers outstanding indoor climate.

With our one-of a kind level of prefabrication, we have redefined the boundaries of what is technically possible and have established ourselves as a market leader in the industry.

We offer:

  • Planning and construction of prefabricated brick component plants all around the world.
  • Commissioning of the plant as well as employee training for the modern high-tech facilities and operating cycles.
  • In case you already have existing plants, it is possible to purchase licenses for our brick wall and ceiling component systems including our innovative climate ceiling and our new monolithic brick construction method.

Benefit from our unique brick element component system wherever you are. Please do not hesitate to contact us.